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Experienced Staff Living on Site

CCTV in Foaling Boxes

DEFRA A.I. Technician on Site


Hunter/Competition Livery = 695 pcm

2 feeds per day with Turnout or 3 feeds per day Stabled daytime.
Hay and Bedding supplied.
Daily Muck Out.
5 day Ridden/Lunged/Groomed.
Weekly Tack Clean.
Use of All Facilities.
Vet and Farrier Attendance.

Assisted Livery = 150 pcm

Feed and Bedding NOT provided
Use of  All Facilities
£1.50 to AM Turnout
£1.50 to Bring In.
£10.00 to Muck Out, Fill haynet, Make feeds.

Broodmare Boarding (Short Term) = 18 per day (add 2 per day if Foal at Foot)

2 Feeds per day.
Hay and Bedding Supplied.
Daily Turnout.
Daily Muck Out.
Feet Picked Out Daily.
Vet and Farrier Attendance

Broodmare Boarding (Long Term) = 495 pcm (Add 60 pcm if Foal at Foot)

2 Feeds per day.
Hay and Bedding Supplied.
Daily Turnout.
Daily Muck Out.
Feet Picked Out Daily.
Vet and Farrier Attendance

Broodmare Grass Kept (Short Term) = 11 per day (add 2 per day if Foal at Foot)

Checked Regularly Throughout Day.
Hard Feed/Hay if Needed.
Vet and Farrier Attendance.

Broodmare Grass Kept (Long Term) = 300 pcm (add 50 pcm if Foal at Foot)

Checked Regularly Throughout Day.
Hard Feed/Hay if Needed.
Vet and Farrier Attendance.

Weanling and Youngstock Livery ...Prices as Broodmare livery

Foaling Fee = 250

Click here for Terms and Conditions for Broodmare Livery

Contract for the Supply of Livery Services

Our policy at Shanon Leigh is for our horses to be happy and healthy, and the people to be friendly and conscientious.
The rules detailed below are for everyones benefit and are not meant to offend.

Yard opening and closing times are from 8am to 9pm during the week, and 8am to 7pm at weekends. Owners going to shows or visiting a sick horse may do so outside opening times providing prior notice is given.

We have a worming programme and all new horses must be wormed on arrival.
They will then join the programme and be wormed at the same time as the rest of the horses. Wormers will be billed separately from the livery.

Passports 'by Law' should remain with the horse at all times and should be handed in on arrival with the livery contract.
Passports should be collected if horse is travelling e.g. to vets or a show.

All horses are required to have 3rd party and public liability insurance and up to date 'flu' and tetanus vaccinations.

All liveries have free use of the arena.
The arena rules must be adhered to.
All jumps must be put away after use and any manure is to be picked up immediately your horse has been untacked.
This to ensure that the surface remains in good condition.
No excessive or dangerous jumping or galloping is allowed for obvious safety reasons.
No loose schooling is allowed unless with prior permission.

Livery is paid per calendar month in advance and non refundable, it is to be paid by the 27th of the preceding month to ensure it reaches the account by the 1st of the month.
One calendar month's livery (1st to last day of month) as a non refundable deposit is required to ensure that 'at least' one month's notice is honoured by both parties.
Notice must be given prior to 1st , notice received after the 1st will extend the notice to the end of the following month.
Written notice is required from both parties if either one wishes to terminate the contract/agreement.
In the event that the livery fee's or any additional costs due under this contract/agreement remain unpaid for more
than three (3) months after they first become due,
the owner of the horse agrees that  Scan sell the horse.
Provided that written notice is given to the owner of the horse with the intention to sell at least Seven (7) days
before the sale of the horse.
From the monies received from the sale of this horse, Shannon Leigh  Stables can retain such funds as cover
for any unpaid sums due under this contract/agreement
and the reasonable costs of sale.
Any remaining money will be returned to the owner within thirty (30) days of sale.

All liveries agree that in the event of an emergency, if they can not be contacted that they give a representative of Pulborough Stud permission to call a veterinary surgeon on their behalf, who may need to administer euthanasia .

Rug changing is free of charge from 1st November to 1st May for horses wearing one rug layer. Any additional layers of rugs will be charged at 50p to take off and 50p to put on each rug. It is highly advised to supply three different thickness of rugs (e.g. lightweight, mediumweight and heavyweight) instead of layering rugs which is uncomfortable for the horse, time consuming for ourselves and costly for you.
We also recommend using the new breathable waterproof dual purpose indoor/turnout rugs to lower your expense instead of buying three weights of indoor rugs and three weights of turnout rugs.
Rug changing out of the above dates will be 50p to take off and 50p to put on each rug.
During very wet summer days rainsheets may be put on the horses at our discretion.
Please launder your horse's rugs at the end of winter so they can be put away clean ready for the forthcoming winter.

Vet and farrier visits will be arranged and paid for by yourselves.
We are available to hold your horse free of charge in your absence for the vet or farrier providing a cheque payable to the appropriate person is left prior to their visit.

Although we take the utmost care to ensure your horses safety, accidents do some times happen.
We and other liveries can not take responsibility for such accidents, i.e. if another horse kicks yours.

Any damage caused at Shannon Leigh  Stables by yourself, your horse, your property or your visitors, will be your responsibility.

SMOKING in or near the stables or barn is strictly forbidden for obvious safety reasons.
Anyone found smoking in these areas will be asked to leave immediately.
Any mistreatment to their own or anyone else's horse will not be tolerated.
Any thieves will be reported to the police and may end in prosecution.
No violence or slanderous behaviour to us or other liveries will be tolerated.
No notice will be given and this contract will be terminated immediately.
Your livery payment will not be returned in these circumstances.

Riding hats to the current BHS standard MUST be worn at all times whilst mounted at Shannon Leigh Stables. This includes visiting instructors.

Please ensure you clean and tidy up after yourselves, your horses, your dogs, and your children!
Dogs (on a lead only) and children are welcome at Pulborough Stud under strict supervision by yourselves only.

If you bring your horse in during the daytime after we have mucked out please ensure that you sweep both their stable and the area outside before you leave.

Your cars and property are left at your own risk and should be kept locked at all times.

We hope that you and your horse/s will have a long and happy stay at  Shannon Leigh Staand would like to take this opportunity to welcome you.

Ms L A Kerr .................................... Dated..........................................

On behalf of Shannon Leigh Stables

I hereby sign in agreement to the above rules and regulations of this contract


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